Level 7

Class Days :
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Class Timing Boys :
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Class Timing Girls :
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Expected Age Group :
12 – 13 years old

Subjects Taught :
Qur’an, Surahs (Chapters), Du’aas (Invocations), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Aqaaid (Beliefs), Akhlaaq (Character), Taareekh (History) and Hadeeth (Sayings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H).


Subject Objective Summary
Qur’an Reciting Qur’an fluently  with proper Tajweed Juz  16-23 (Chapters 19-38)
Surahs For students to memorise selected  Surahs Surahs al Mutaffifeen (Chapter 83), al infitar (Chapter 82), at Takweer (Chapter 81), Abasa(Chapter 80), an Naaziaat (Chapter 79), An Naba (Chapter 78)
Du’aas To learn essential Duaas (invocations) in the life of a Muslim Topics include for the fulfilment of a need, At the time of journey, Istikhaara (Asking Allah for Guidance)
Fiqh To learn about the Islamic laws of jurisprudence. Topics include Buloogh (puberty), rules of fasting and Ramadaan, Zakaat and Umrah.
Aqaaid To learn  the correct beliefs of a Muslim Topics include Allah’s greatness, good deeds, signs of the Last Day and others.
Taareekh A study of the Khalifas (Rulers)of Islam after the Prophet An intensive study of the life of Abu Bakr  and Umar(May Allah be please with them)



Fatima Chohan
Muallimah Fatima is from the UK and has a BSc in Diagnostic Radiography and a postgraduate degree in Medical Ultrasound. She has completed a five year Alimah programme in Dubai and has taught Islamic classes at SAIC since 2015 to children and adults.

Naeem Patelia
Muallim Naeem is from South Africa and completed his Hifz of Quran from Johannesburg. He has an Accounting and IT degree. He has taught Islamic classes at SAIC since 2017 and has experience in teaching Quran for many years at various institutes.