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SAIC New Muslim Dawah Section Activities

The Dawah section provides information about Islam to non- Muslims by conveying the true message of Islamic Monotheism (oneness of Allah), the teachings and practices of Islam as practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

After providing a good understanding of Islam, if the person decides to become a Muslim and give Shahada (Declaration of Faith) we then arrange for them to have a Shahada certificate issued by the government of Dubai.

We do not stop there. SAIC recognises that it is extremely important to provide education and support to people reverting to Islam. We run a variety of Islamic classes for new Muslims as well as advanced classes for those who wish to further their religious education.

To cater for the wide variety of nationalities we offer our Dawah classes in several languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, and Tagalog.

The Dawah classes cover :
  1. Belief
  2. Basic Islamic knowledge
  3. Fiqh
  4. Basic Arabic and Quran recitation

We also provide special workshops on Wudu (abulution) how to perform Salah and upon finishing these workshops and passing the test, students will receive their certificate. To facilitate the sharing of experience with other reverts and also to provide an opportunity to make new friends.

SAIC organises social events for new Muslims which includes :
  1. Coffee evenings
  2. Sports day
  3. International Food Day
  4. Iftar Party
  5. Graduation Event
  6. Hospital visits

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