Class Days                  :  Sunday – Thursday

Class Timing               :  4.00pm – 5.30pm

Expected Age Group  :  8 – 9 years old


Subjects Taught         :  Qur’an, Surahs (Chapters), Du’aas (Invocations), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Aqaaid (Beliefs), Akhlaaq (Character), Taareekh (History) and                                                   Hadeeth (Sayings of the prophet (P.B.U.H). 


Subject Objective Summary
Qur’an To learn rules of pronunciation of Quran Juz 3 ,4,5 (Chapters (3,4)
Surahs Memorising of Surahs Surah Bayyinah (Chapter 98), Alaq (Chapter 96), Nashr (Chapter 94), Duhaa (Chapter 93)
Du’aas To learn essential Duaas (invocations) in the life of a Muslim Topics include Azaan (Call to prayer), Morning & Evening, leaving home, travelling and other invocations
Fiqh To learn about the Islamic laws of jurisprudence. Rules regarding wudhu (ablution), ghusl (bathing), salaah (prayer) and other topics.
Aqaaid To learn  the correct beliefs of a Muslim Purpose of Creation, pillars of Islam, belief in prophets, major sins and repentance
Akhlaaq Learning Etiquettes and character building. Conduct, forgiveness, harms of wasting, respects for elders & friend, dressing, evils of the tongue & hands.
Taareekh To learn about the Prophets of Islam A brief history of the Prophet (S.A.W.S) , his migration to Madinah, battles that were fought, Farewell Haj(pilgrimage) & demise of Muhammad (S.A.W.S)
Hadeeth To memorise sayings of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in Arabic and English. Topics include Good character, jealousy, neighbours, doing good deeds etc.


Raeesa Hoosen

Sister Raeesa Moosa

Raeesa Moosa has completed a two-year Islamic studies course at Madressa-Al-Banat in South Africa. Prior to joining SAIC, Raeesa taught children Islamic studies in South Africa for a period of 10 years.